The user that executes the autoreply script needs to access You must apply proper permissions on this file. For example, if belongs to www-data:www-data, you can add the vmail user to the www-data group and set the read permission for the group.

To make Postfix use this feature, you need to update your configuration file as follows:


autoreply unix        -       n       n       -       -       pipe
          flags= user=vmail:<group> argv=python <modoboa_site>/ autoreply $sender $mailbox

Replace <driver> by the name of the database you use. <modoboa_site> is the path of your Modoboa instance.


Auto-reply messages are just sent once per sender for a pre-defined time period. By default, this period is equal to 1 day (86400s), you can adjust this value by modifying the Automatic reply timeout parameter available in the online panel.